The Importance of Homecare to your client’s outcome and your business

Whilst we can make a huge difference to our client’s well-being using professional treatments that deliver some amazing results both to client’s appearance, self-confidence and esteem, this is only part of the journey.

Spending times with clients building up relationships, designing treatment plans and seeing them transform really helps us get to know them and convert them to loyal customers who are more than happy to return to us time and time again to spend their hard-earned cash on the experiences we offer.

However as soon as clients say goodbye to us it may be a month or longer before they return to see us again, quite often with the same old issues we had help them resolve when we last saw them.

The reason for this has many factors but includes:

  • Returning to old unhealthy lifestyle habits
  • Using inappropriate products on their skin
  • Brand switching
  • Celebrity and mass brand claims

When clients go about their day to day lives, they are bombarded with images of celebrities endorsing the latest fad brand or make impulse purchases on the high street which claim to address a problem they are currently encountering. Quit often the evidence behind these products is scarce and the marketing a legal yet misleading work of fiction.

As Million Dollar Ambassadors, we are skincare professionals. We know our clients, we know their concerns, we know and understand their skin! Fundamentally we know which ingredients work, we know which products have the most supporting clinical evidence and we know which products will deliver results for our clients.

When we visit the dentist every 6 months for our check-up, scale and polish it is always reassuring to leave without needing additional work. We know that if we use an electric toothbrush with a professional toothpaste, floss and use a mouthwash, twice per day every day then the amount of work our dentist needs to do is minimal beyond a professional scale and polish.

The same is true for skincare. When clients visit you for treatments, this should be part of an ongoing maintenance regime, you shouldn’t need to recommend they go off and see a dermatologist. However this can only be achieved by educating the clients to the issues they have with their skin, the treatments you can offer to resolve these and the homecare they must us eon a daily basis to overcome and manage their skin so that they can look and feel great.

Clients who buy the correct skincare from you on your advice and who use them religiously, will have much better outcomes, will be more loyal to you and will be great ambassadors for your business as their skin will be a walking advert for the work and advice you have given them.

They will not be open to fad products and will not waste their money or ruin their skin on these products. They will return to you month after month for their homecare and treatments as they will know what works and what doesn’t.

This is why I have introduced the Million Dollar Medi+ range. Clients who finish a course of Million Dollar Facials look amazing, let’s keep them looking amazing by recommending appropriate homecare.

The Million Dollar Medi+ range has been specifically designed to enhance, improve and increase the longevity of the Million Dollar Facial results. Million Dollar Medi+ skincare is a high strength potent combination of proven ingredients created to produce results!

It does what the electric toothbrush, floss and quality toothpaste does for teeth for skin, AT HOME! Allowing you to manage your client’s other concerns with treatments.

Ensuring all of your clients use this amazing new range at home will deliver results for their skin, their appearance, their confidence and ensure they are loyal to you, becoming walking advertisements for your business and stop wasting their money on fad products!

Thanks a Million

Jenna Unwin x