Product selection is so important when retailing, working with a supplier like ourselves that won’t hold you to huge orders and pushy sales techniques to meet their quota.

Educate Yourself on Your Products
This is probably the MOST important point that we can tell you. Although it may seem easy, it takes a lot more time than you think to speak about products with ease and that ease brings out the passion. Both go hand in hand when selling and when your clients can genuinely see for themselves how much you care about the brand you stock, the products will then sell themselves. Without this knowledge your sales will only be short lived as you will need to read your clients skin ongoing and adjust accordingly along the way. Study away guys……

Consultation is Key, we always stress this. There is no point in pushing products onto someone that is unsuitable. Make sure that what we are prescribing them actually works and will benefit them in the long run.

Build Trust with your clients and use yourself as a walking advertisement. Would you believe in a product if the person selling it uses something else? No? I wouldn’t either. Be a walking example of the line that you have chosen.

Open evening/masterclasses are a really great tool. Often, it’s a chance to get out with friends and come to an event pressure free and see the products in action, this is where your confidence will soar and tie in with your product knowledge. We have many free clinical evidence files for you to access and study.

Retail Display needs to be on point, easy to access and touch, feel and smell the products without feeling under pressure. Keep the areas clean and clutter free and update this area every season with new branding and props. This does not have to cost too much, Pinterest have some amazing cost-free ideas with everyday items to use.

Use apps like Canva to build free content for your page, upload blogs to your Instagram and Facebook and their stories. Clients love to see products live in action; they may not engage but they are watching. Then after seeing it a number of times they may start to gain interest. Keep visual especially at this time, not everyone likes to read posts that’s why people get more work from accounts that use their Instagram and Facebook stories more often than posts (much more engaging)

Be confident in your retail line and believe in its clinical evidence and results as these will back you for a long time giving you lots of co tent that will be clear and easy to refer to. I don’t think that carrying out numerous lines sends out a great message. (this is just my personal opinion) Are we saying one is better than the other for example? I think we should concentrate on one brand of skincare as I feel and know from my own experience “whatever you put out consistently, consistently comes back ” it comes back in all ways, sales, Interest or word of mouth. This is so powerful, someone may not really be interested in your retail but they see it every day and can recommend it to their friends and family because they see “consistent” advice, videos , information and above all results.

Be confident, study away and set some realistic targets. You just might surprise yourself.

Love Jen x

Million Dollar Facial