Hi everyone,

Our new directory option for Platinum Technicians is now live and is proving to be a massive hit!!!! For only £10 a month!!!

First things first…

This is NOT replacing our current FREE online Platinum Technician listing, which will always be included within your training fee when you signed up to train with us. The Platinum Technician listing will continue to be provided and maintained and updated completely free of charge.

So, what is it?

We have worked on our Million Dollar Directory with our marketing team for a while now to design and build a system that can really benefit our Platinum Technician’s businesses.

It’s become clear that it’s required to maximise booking potential as our website gets so many hits as well as our social media accounts, with clients asking:

  • Where can I book in for a Million Dollar treatment?
  • Where is my nearest Platinum Technician?
  • Where is the nearest provider to me?

Why the update in system?

Previously, we would send the customer the Platinum Technician listing page, which has all qualified Platinum Technicians on (just under 2,000).  The list is sorted alphabetically by postcode for customers looking to locate their nearest group of technicians (along with email address to enquire).

This has work very well for a long time, however, some customers didn’t want to scroll down the list.  Our customer service team became in and dated with customers asking:

  • Are there Platinum Technicians in the ____ area?
  • What treatments does a certain Platinum Technician offer?
  • Who do we recommend?
  • Why have they not had a response from the Platinum Technician they’ve emailed?
  • How can they find Platinum Technicians on Instagram? And so on….

Due to the increase in demand for Million Dollar treatments, we didn’t have the admin hours to deal with all these requests and we feel its not a true representation of the service from our fantastic Platinum Technicians.

It has proven that although our website is professional friendly for general public who are looking at having a treatment, we we’re not pointing everyone in the right direction.

This directory has been designed to stop so many potential clients from slipping through the net.  Within a few minutes a customer can have access to your website, bio, Instagram, Facebook or call you directly.  All from the official Million Dollar website.  It’s SO much easier!

What do the listings include?

The listing will include:

  • Business name
  • Description (about your business, including the treatments that you offer)
  • Business phone number
  • Business email address
  • Business address ( pinned on map )
  • Direct link to website
  • Direct link to Instagram
  • Direct link to Facebook
  • List of 9 (soon to be 10) Million Dollar protocols offered
  • Million Dollar badges on your profile
  • Platinum Technician ( all )
  • Medi+ Stockist (when certified)
  • Million Dollar Advanced Practitioner (when certified)

How will customers find my listing?

You listing can be located by the customer simply entering their postcode.  They will then be given a list of their nearest technicians (closest first).  This gives an option to really showcase your business from all angles in a customer friendly and interactive way.

How much does a listing cost?

The cost of a listing is just £10+VAT per month or just £100+VAT per year.

There is no tie in period, all packages can be cancelled at any time (no refunds for unused periods).  Payment is taken by direct debit.

Why is there a fee?  Where is the money used?

The subscription fees makeup a marketing budget which feeds search engine and social media adds, targeting customers look for treatments, which in turn, delivers more bookings for out Platinum Technicians.  The budget will also cover the running of the system, maintenance, updating, adding / removing users, certifying accounts / badges and updating to provide a better system.


We are really thrilled with this useful addition to our company and passionate to help build and support all of our Million Dollar family.  We believe that over a course of a few months this investment will more than pay for itself, with a single treatment and purchase of a retail product returning your investment.

One Listing – A Million Opportunities
Thank you x