Well Boris has FINALLY delivered us with the news we have been waiting a MILLION years for…As from August 2020 business is back to normal for us Platinum Technicians.

Dust off those rollers, freshen up that work space because the MILLION DOLLAR movement in on the move once again!

Are you fully stocked up for the rush? Are you prepped for the mountains of ‘Peach Fuzz’ you will be required to plough through? Are you ready to target the skin thats been cooped up in indoors for months? The beauty industry has been popped on hold for what seems like the longest time, and we know your clients will be eager, excited and impatient to get back into your chairs. The key to August by record breaking storm is to over prepare and give your business that MILLION DOLLAR makeover.

Shop all of your products online now on our brand new revamped MILLION DOLLAR site.

Excited is an understatement. Work safe and stay safe.