Why has there been a surge in aesthetic procedures post lockdown? Lets find out…

Dealing with thousands of clinics and beauty shops across the UK and internationally Jenna Unwin of Million Dollar Facial says:

‘People had let themselves go a bit during lockdown, spending a lot more time at home, binging on boxsets and chocolate boxes and maybe indulging a little more than usual with their favourite cakes and alcohol. Now that we are getting back outdoors and meeting friends and families again, socialising and maybe dating there has been a massive upsurge in treatment requests. Botox has been a staple treatment for years but it can be expensive and it involves needles.


People are a bit more budget aware than they were and also cautious about more invasive treatments.

That said, treatments for acne outbreaks are becoming increasingly popular.


The new mask wearing culture is also switching focus to the upper half of our faces and away from lip treatments. Its amazing how much we focus on others eyes in the supermarket.


I see this trend continuing to be popular, thats where the focus is now. Botox is great for eyes but for those worries about their jobs or reduced pay due to furlough or even needles there are some great new peptides which mimic the botox effect to relax lines and wrinkles around the eye area.


We have included these in the new MILLION DOLLAR I-TX Treatment a topical cream to help restore a brighter more youthful appearance to the eye area so that you can look great in or out of a mask without worrying about the cost or injections.



Jenna Unwin x



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